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MyPart technical office carries out feasibility studies, design and re - engineering of components on client's order; it is equipped with the most performing engineering and CAD / CAM software to guarantee maximum production yield.


MyPart Meccanica realizes additive-manufacturing components according to customers' specifications. The production department includes the most advanced additive manufacturing technologies of the market, some of which developed internally to be able to respond to specific needs of our customers. The use of Rapid Prototyping is increasingly becoming an indispensable resource for companies that want to exceed the limits of their production; thanks to more and more pushed dimensional tolerances and to innovative materials it is possible to realize new products quickly and at low costs

Research & Development

R&D division is the heart of innovation that we are able to offer constantly our customers. The thorough development work allows us to constantly overcome the limits of current technologies and extend our offer to different fields of application, creating one-of-a-kind products. MyPart collaborates with some of the main Italian universities and with some of the most prestigious European research centers.